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[Sorting DataTables] using ReactJS and JSON - Learn React 2018

Published on 13 Aug 2018 / In HTML

In this screencast we learn how to take some JSON data (in this case, crypto currency data!) and bind it to an html table using ReactJS! We will create a table component, create some state in our container, bind some json data to that state, and then using a function to sort the state data!

The code for this episode is on github: https://github.com/react-u/009....-building-a-sortable

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❤‍ Screencast info
▶ Length: 17:44 minutes
▶ Skill level: beginner

❤‍ What you will learn
▶ Importing JSON data
▶ Binding JSON to a html table
▶ Passing a function via props
▶ Sorting a datatable
▶ Using state to contain sortable data

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